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New Super Luigi U Deluxe: All of the secret exits and world skips

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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe gives Nintendo’s most recent 2D sidescroller (we’re not counting Super Mario Maker 2) a second chance at big success on Switch.

While the main showcase is New Super Mario Bros. U, the Switch port also includes New Super Luigi U, a reworked version of the game originally released as DLC that significantly heightens the challenge. Just like his brother’s adventure, Luigi’s levels have a bounty of secrets, including the hidden exits and world skips that have been fixtures in the Super Mario franchise for decades.

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Secret exits and world skips in New Super Luigi U

There are 12 secret exits across the eight worlds in New Super Luigi U. Some of them unlock hidden levels, others let you skip entire chunks of a world, or even the entire world. Our guide will help you find all of the secret exits in New Super Luigi U, so you can get as much bang for your buck as possible with New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

World 1: Acorn Plains

Crooked Cavern

After floating to the ledge at the far right of the cavern holding the last star coin, you’ll see a red sign directing you to go through the warp pipe to the right. Don’t do that. Instead, ground pound the sign to smash through a false floor. Follow the new signs into the warp pipe and the secret flag will be on the other side.

Finding the secret exit will create a path to a new Acorn Plains level, A Cheep Chomp Chase. Complete that level to gain access to Soda Jungle (world 5).

World 2: Layer-Cake Desert

The Walls Have Eyes

Shortly after entering the level, you’ll come across three statues connected by skinny bridges. The right and left statues each have palm trees, and each gap between them has a question mark box. Drop off the right statue onto a platform and ground pound to reveal a secret area below. Hop in the warp pipe to fly into the sky toward the secret flag.

This secret exit unlocks a hidden level in Layer-Cake Desert, A Slippery Rope Ladder. Complete that level to gain access to Soda Jungle.

World 3: Sparkling Waters

Haunted Cargo Hold

Instead of going through the pipe at the end of the level like the arrow tells you to, you’ll want to hop in the water and swim through the gap between the steel fasteners. You’ll swim right through the wall and into a hidden pipe. The secret exit is on the other side.

Finding the secret exit unlocks a new level in Sparkling Waters called A Beanstalk Jungle. Completing the secret level creates a new path to the Rock Candy Mines (world 6).

World 4: Frosted Glacier

Peek-a-Boo Ghost House

When you reach the first group of Boos circling through the air, carefully jump above and wall jump into the gap above, then wall jump to the right. The hidden platform has the second star coin. Now, run to the left and jump again toward the ceiling to reach a hidden area with a door. Go through the door and you’ll be out of the spooky house and in sight of the secret exit flag.

This secret exit opens up a path to a hidden level in Frosted Glacier called A Fliprus Floes. Complete the hidden level to create a path to Rock Candy Mines.

World 5: Soda Jungle

Dancing Blocks, Poison Swamp

This one is probably the toughest to do. At the end of the long string of constantly dropping platforms made of boxes, you’ll see a lone question mark box at the bottom of the last platform. You have to ground pound that box to drop a rounded question mark switch onto an unfurling green vine on the right. Hit that switch to create a row of blocks below the vine. Run across the blocks and hop into the green warp pipe to reach the secret exit.

The secret exit creates a block path on the map to Soda Jungle’s Sumo Bro Bridge, letting you skip a mid-castle, haunted house, and a couple of other levels.

Painted Pipeworks

With the finish line flag in sight, you’ll see a large blue pipe swaying back and forth above you in a long motion. Jump on that pipe and use it to enter the red pipe above to get to the secret exit.

The secret exit creates a path to Soda Jungle’s Wiggler Floodlands.

Deepsea Stone-Eyes

Instead of going down the pipe and into the water area from the starting room, jump onto the statue on the right side of the room. It will start moving after a moment, revealing a false wall. Run through the room and the secret flag will be at the end of it.

The secret exit also creates a path to Soda Jungle’s Wiggler Floodlands.

Boo’s Favorite Haunt

When you reach the platform with the door, rather than opening it and exiting the level as usual, jump further to the right (the squirrel suit helps) to reach a hidden platform holding the third star coin and a door. There’s also a wonderful portrait of Luigi on the wall. The door will lead you to the secret exit.

Finding the secret exit unlocks a hidden level in the Soda Jungle called A Para-Beetle Parade. Complete that level to create a path to the Meringue Clouds (world 7).

World 6: Rock Candy Mines

Rising Piranhas

Midway through the level, you’ll see a large Piranha Plant on a moving platform. Use the shell from the Koopa Troopa in the previous area to kill it. Hop across to the area with three question mark blocks. The top block has an Acorn Mushroom. Grab it, and then jump onto the now vacant platform. Jump and press R to flutter on top of the ceiling above the question mark blocks. This hidden area leads you to the secret exit.

The secret exit creates a new railway loop holding a red switch that allows you to reach the back entrance of Roy’s Ironclad Castle.

Smashing-Stone Tower

Near the top of the tower, two big Grrols (rolling spike things) will crush through a barrage of blocks. Rather than going through one of the pipes to shoot toward the boss door, wall jump across the remaining blocks left from the wreckage, then head into the green pipe on the left side of the room. In the next room, jump through the blocks to grab the third star coin, and then ground pound in the dip of the floor to find a hidden pipe. The pipe will blast Luigi into the air, out of the castle, and on his way toward the secret exit flag.

The secret exit grants you access to a new level in Rock Candy Mines called Spine Coaster Stowaways.

World 7: Meringue Clouds

Vanishing Ghost House

When the moving platform is positioned evenly, hop down to the right to drop onto a small platform holding a door. Head through the door to reach the secret exit. Alternatively, you can ride the platform to the end and drop to the left from the platform that holds the typical exit door.

The secret exit creates a rainbow path straight to Ludwig’s Block-Press Castle.

World 8: Peach’s Castle

Magma Moat

When you see the area with a long strip of blocks covering the ceiling, wait for the fireballs to break gaps between the blocks. Quickly hop on top of the blocks and jump to the right to head through a false wall and into a warp pipe that takes you to the secret exit.

The secret exit unlocks the hidden level in Peach’s Castle called Firefall Rising.

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