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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Addicted to Clubhouse? These apps will make it even better

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Clubhouse is the current rage of social media; both Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have appeared on it. All iOS users want to get on the platform to at least see what’s the fuss about, and Android users are eagerly waiting for the app.

I know a lot of people are spending hours on Clubhouse every week. Some want to engage in a conversation, and some want to play it in the background as white noise. Whatever might be your reasons, here are some apps to amp up your Clubhouse experience.

Clubhouse bio builder

People on Clubhouse are obsessed with bios filled with emoji. And it’s not really easy to build a description like that on your phone. So this handy tool, called the Clubhouse bio builder, lets you create them on a desktop. Once you’re done, you can open the URL to your phone, copy the bio and paste it to your Clubhouse profile.

Clubhouse profile rings

If you’ve been on the app for a few days, you know that your profile picture lights up with a grey ring when you’re speaking. So why not style up your avatar when it’s not active? There are a few tools such as Clubhouse Glow and Clubhouse Profile Picture Ring that will help you with that.

Clubhouse Glow App

Room scheduling and discovery

Often you might be opening the Clubhouse app and jumping into rooms that are visible. But wouldn’t it be great to know of upcoming rooms in clubs that you don’t know of?

YoYo lets you search for scheduled rooms through categories, topics, and organizers. Plus, if you have your own room or show, you can listen to it on the site so others can find it.

YoYo Scheduler for Clubhouse

If you’re just looking to search for intriguing open rooms to join, you could use Rooms of Clubhouse.

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Clubhouse chat

Being an audio-only platform, Clubhouse hasn’t included any chat or comment feature. So if you want your audience to ask questions or send comments, you’ll have to use a third-party tool like CH Chat. With this, you can create a new chatroom, and pass on the code to the audience so they could send their queries.

CH Chat for questions and comments to your Clubhouse room

Clubhouse host pages

If you frequently host shows in Clubhouse, you might want to set some rules and include some links to refer to your room. Clubhouse Host Notes, let you set all of that in one page, and then you can share a single link to Twitter or other social networks. Plus, you can also set pre-registration rules to ensure certain people get stage time.

Apart from this tool, you could also use Comet Events to set your room’s page.

Do you use any other tool to spice up your Clubhouse experience? Tweet @ us.

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Published February 18, 2021 — 11:47 UTC

This article was first published on The Next Web

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