New Hampshire primary: Sanders holds steady lead over rivals in early results – live

Elizabeth Warren came out a few moment ago and said it was “clear” that it was a good night for Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. Warren also said she wanted to congratulate Amy Klobuchar on her campaign’s resilience.

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NEW: Sen. Elizabeth Warren says Sanders, Buttigieg “had strong nights.”

“I also want to congratulate my friend and colleague Amy Klobuchar for showing just how wrong the pundits can be hen they count a woman out.”

February 12, 2020

“The question for us Democrats is whether it will be a long bitter rehash of the same old bitter fights or whether we can find another way,” Warren said.

Warren went on to say “our campaign is best” equipped to “beat Donald Trump in November because we can unite this party.”

“But if we’re going to defeat Donald Trump in November we’re going to need huge turnout in our party, and if we’re going to get that turnout, we will need a nominee that the broad coalition of our party can get behind. We cannot afford to fall into factions. We cannot afford to squander our collective power. We win when we come together.”

They cheered as if they’d won. At the Pete Buttigieg “primary night rally” – no one calls them victory parties any more – in Nashua, supporters whooped as the giant TV screens broadcast a set of exit poll numbers that projected not an outright win for their man, but a finding they believe could carry him to the Democratic nomination.

Supporters of Pete Buttigieg watch poll results in Nashua, N.H.
Supporters of Pete Buttigieg watch poll results in Nashua, N.H. Photograph: Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images

On the screen were the answers New Hampshire Democrats had given to the question of “Who can beat Trump?” Top of that poll was Buttigieg, favoured by 27%, ahead of Amy Klobuchar at 21% and Bernie Sanders at 19%. That validates what will be the former mayor’s core argument in the coming days: that he has the ability to oust the current president – which polls say is the number one quality Democrats are seeking from their nominee.

Among those cheering was Cheri Mehigan Foley, 46, who lives and works in neighboring Massachusetts. “That’s what we’re looking for, a candidate who can beat Trump. I feel like if you put him in a room with Trump and they went head-to-head, he’d just win. He’s smarter.”

There’s excitement at Amy Klobuchar’s primary night event in Concord, where TV screens are showing her running a close third behind Pete Buttigieg.

Five-year-old Lucy Breitbarth-Guidi, having chosen to wear a green dress to match Klobuchar’s green campaign signage, is particularly enthusiastic, as is her mother, Jenna Breitbarth-Guidi. Breitbarth-Guidi, 30, was a registered Republican until Trump became the party’s nominee in 2016. No longer.

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Lucy Breitbart-Guidi is with her mum Jenna at Amy Klobuchar’s results party in Concord. Lucy chose her green dress to match Klobuchar’s sign 🟩🟩

February 12, 2020

“Having girls, I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for him,” she said of Trump. “Access Hollywood” was the reason, Breitbarth-Guidi added. Still, she said she will not vote for any Democratic nominee come November.

“I would campaign for Amy. But there’s other ones who I would probably vote third party,” Breitbarthi-Guidi said. She mentioned Bernie Sanders in particular.

“I just feel like we have had enough divisiveness,” Breitbarth-Guidi said. “[Sanders’ support] is like an army, it scares me. It feels similar to the other side, they’re just smarter.”

A plus for Breitbarth-Guidi is that she believes Klobuchar can appeal to Republicans and independents.

“All of my family are big Trump supporters and every one of them said they would take a second look at Amy. That says everything,” Breitbarth-Guidi said.

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